All products on are sample price. If you buy them in bulk,please contact us we will give you a discount.




Shipment within 2-7 days. There may be some delays due to large orders or the holiday season.


All orders are shipped from our warehouse in China.


1) Item is less than 10 kg, it is transported by flat shipping, approximately $12~$15 per kg. The cost is charged per gram (approximately 15~25 days to arrive).


2) 10kg~100kg is shipped by  express delivery , approximately $11 to $18 per kg (approximately 3-10 days to arrive).


3) Over 100kg is shipped by self transportation method, with a freight rate of about $0.5 – $2.5 per kg (approximately 30 days to reach)


We reserve the right to use a comparable shipping method when necessary.


You will receive the goods in 5-30 days (subject to local customs delays).


Damage/ Missing / Defective


Please report damaged, missing, or defective within 48 hours.



Tracking number will be sent via email at the time of shipment or as soon as they are available. We will monitor closely of your parcel status to ensure smooth delivery.



We wrap all items separately by using adequate cushioning material.


Still, have questions?If you have any questions or concerns about our Shipping Policy, please contact us